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BitMinerX is born out of the shared passion for mining and blockchain technology by three visionary entrepreneurs. In an ever-evolving cryptocurrency market, our goal is to provide a sustainable and profitable solution for investors, making a difference in the way cryptocurrency mining is approached.

We know that Bitcoin and its mining system are familiar names to many. Millions of people are already enjoying the passive income generated by Bitcoin mining week after week, and we understand that in some countries, the high costs of machinery and electricity can be an obstacle

But worry no more! We have the perfect solution: BitMinerX. Join our profitable model, where each investor contributes their share to cover expenses and expand our mining farm in Abu Dhabi. The result? We generate more and more Bitcoins, directly to your future wallet.

It's time to make Bitcoin mining accessible for everyone. Join BitMinerX and be part of this exciting financial revolution. Don't get left behind, join today.

Trust of International Companies

Our Work

What is BitMinerX?

BitMinerX es un proyecto basado en minería creado por 3 personas de origen español que piensan por y para el inversor. Para explicarlo de forma sencilla, BitMinerX es un repartidor automático de Bitcoin.


The BitMinerX token has a total maximum supply of 100,000,000 BMX, this supply is distributed in 4 groups:

20% Round of funding.
40% Presale on Pinksale launchpad or chosen platform.
20% PancakeSwap pool.
20% Reserved for team actions, airdrops, listing on CEX, liquidity expansion, etc.

El precio del token BMX en ronda de financiación es de 0.005 dólares y el precio de salida en el launchpad será
un 20% superior, 0.006 dólares.

Unsold tokens in the fundraising round will be burned.

* Numeric data may undergo some variation if deemed necessary by the CEOs, but always without detriment to the investor and seeking the best for the project.


In BMX, we are not just building a project; we are creating a shared vision of greatness. Our roadmap is not merely a plan; it is an invitation to join us on this exciting journey to success.

We want each of our holders to feel an integral part of our story, and that starts with complete transparency and constant communication. The goal of our roadmap is not just to inform but to inspire. We want you to see our project's vision as clearly as we do, so that together we can reach new heights.

Q3 (July – September 2023) ✓

✓ Project planning and structuring. ✓ Management of the necessary business contacts for development.

Q4 (October – December 2023) ✓

✓ Development of the website. ✓ Creation of channels on Telegram and Twitter. ✓ Private fundraising round. ✓ Start of pre-launch marketing. ✓ Presale on launchpad (Pinksale or similar). ✓ Purchase of the first machines and setup for pre-launch testing.

Q1 (January – March 2024) ✓

✓ Intensification of pre-launch marketing. ✓ Launch of the BitMinerX BMX token. ✓ Post-launch marketing actions. ✓ Listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. ✓ Purchase of new mining machines to expand our mining power.

Q2 (April - June 2024)

• Community growth • Miner expansion • Mining diversification • Exchange integration

Our Goal

Our goal is clear: to build a self-sustaining company for you, the investor. How? With our own mining farms. The more mining equipment, the more monthly profits for BMX holders. Your BTC wallet will grow securely and steadily.


Initially, BitMinerX operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), where we reward our investors with BTCB. However, this is just the beginning of our ambitious roadmap. We plan to expand BitMinerX to other blockchain networks and increase the number of loyal investors and mining teams. Additionally, we are exploring the possibility of establishing our own mining farms to further strengthen our presence in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Our Services

What Do We Offer?

BitMinerX (BMX) provides an opportunity to profit from Bitcoin mining in a simple and efficient manner, without the need to purchase and manage expensive equipment.

Why Choose Us?


Let's start together, let's enjoy together.

  • Secure System

    We will use high-performance mining equipment (TH) in the current mining equipment market to provide the best existing mining power, giving rise to a well-nourished and balanced project where its holders enjoy rewards in BTC for an explosive future.

  • Integrated

    An integrated and reliable system where the mining team will act as a faithful HOLDER to the project, purchasing and burning 50% of what it collects each month.

  • 24/7 Support

    We will always be available to answer questions on our Telegram channel, and you can also contact us via email 24/7.


Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Answers to Common Questions

What is Mining?

Cryptocurrency mining encompasses a set of mathematical processes that allow for the validation and processing of cryptocurrency transactions. It is a process that utilizes specialized computers to solve complex mathematical problems.

What is BitMinerX?

BitMinerX, es un proyecto basado en minería creado por 3 personas de origen español que piensan por y para el inversor, para explicarlo de forma sencilla, BitMinerX es un repartidor automático de Bitcoin

What are the advantages of BitMinerX?

La gran ventaja que tiene BitMinerX es un ahorro considerable para el inversor, al no tener que gastar en maquinaria propia. Gracias a los taxes y los equipos de minado del proyecto, el holder siempre recibirá BTCB en su wallet, de forma automática.

¿Como contactar?

Por correo electrónico y en nuestro canal oficial Telegram que encontrarás en la parte final de nuestra web

Where is the mining farm located?

Currently, we have a contract with a hosting company located in Abu Dhabi, and we are working to have our own hosting, which will generate even more benefits for our holders.

Where to buy the BitMinerX token?

LBank Exchange, Pancakeswap, Poocoin.

¿Por qué hemos optado actualmente por la minería de Kasapa y no la minería de Bitcoin?

Hemos optado por comenzar minando KAS por su alta rentabilidad, sin embargo la siguiente etapa según nuestro roadmap es la diversificación de los equipos de minería.

Do you need help?

Si necesita de ayuda mas personalizada siempre nos podrás encontrar en nuestro canal de telegram. Estaremos encantados de conocerte y ayudarte en todo lo que esté a nuestro alcance .